About Us


What happens when a small group of Rad people come together....

The Radical Bicycle Co was a brand started for the right reasons with a simple concept; riding awesome bikes, made the way we wanted them. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Born in the Shrophsire Hills and Welsh borders, The initial concept of the brand began back in 2019, when Kieran (Company Founder) transferred his skills in the management of the design, supply and installation of bespoke aluminium building finishes throughout the UK into making some bicycles...

He started with what he knew and did best; hardtails, and racing them...

He took the baseline of hardtail design and took it to the next level; he focused on every tube placement, weld placement and blended materials into a modern chassis and created a ride that was simply unmatched.

When the first model (The Chilli Dog), hit the shelves in 2021, it was an INSTANT hit; both on the trails and between the tapes. Radical Manufactured its first batch of UK made frames (10-20 in a single hit), and was sold out before fabrication had even finished.


If its being done, its being done RIGHT...


Radical now works with experienced independent engineers, fabricators & agents to ensure that the products are engineered and manufactured to their absolute best. 

The team has remained with Kieran at the helm, but remains a small family run business with Alysha aiding customer service and aiding in logistics.




The company started as RAM (Radical All Mountain), but took a re-branding in 2023 following the success and evolution in its products and business; The brand now offers its UK made products as a more bespoke service, with more focus on engineering performance and customisation. On top of this, Radical produces a more cost effective line up of frames, whilst keeping to its core values.

The brand has grown organically, with a solid business strategy and no gimmicks.

Thanks to the brands efficiency, communication and product performance, the brand grew significantly over a short period, moving from a 'spare room' operation, to its own small unit. On top of this, the brand now exports more products outside of the UK than within its own territory, which is something we are extremely proud of!