Steel frames are TOUGH.... really TOUGH... but It is important to maintain your frames corrosion/rust resistance to ensure the material integrity remains high throughout its lifespan.



All of our frames are coated externally with a clear coat finish for extra protection. We would always suggest 'Invisiframe' (or similar) frame protection is installed to maximise protection.

For our UK made frames, we treat the internals using Anti Corrosion Formula 50 (ACF-50). This product is renowned for its use in the aviation and motorsport industry. 

This formula is injected into the frames after external coating. Thanks to the way this product can be applied using a 360 degree injector hose, it means we can get further into the frame than some other applications, giving a greater degree of protection.



It is extremely important that you grease your seat post prior to installation. If you do not, over time, a process knows as 'Galvanic Corrosion' (reaction of Aluminium to Steel) occurs, and the seat post will become extremely difficult to remove from the frame. We would also recommend twisting the seat post slightly every few rides.

Grease in other contact areas such as headtube and BB should also be used.



You should always spray a water displacement aerosol through the grommets and BB hole after every wash/wet ride.

The tubes are internally treater with ACF-50 which remains 'active' for up to 12 months, however we recommend spraying ACF-50 (in aerosol form for ease) or other water displacement aerosols into all internally exposed areas every 3 months. This includes:

  • Down the internals of the seat tube
  • Bottom bracket (internal)
  • Through the routing grommets
  • Headtube


If you are unsure of anything on this page, do not hesitate to get in touch on our Contact Us page.