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Chilli Dog

Chilli Dog

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Custom Reach

140-160mm/ Enduro

Each frame is handmade to order and build time is apx 8-10 weeks.

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Unsure on colours? Check out the RAL colour chart here for some guidance!



You all know the cliché by now... modern, low, slack..... Well, we can all tick boxes right?

The Chilli Dog is designed and engineered to meet the demands of modern enduro riding; we could give you the marketing speel, but the fact is it JUST WORKS. A raw riding experience, at home between the tapes or the singletrack of your local woods. 

Smart geometry and quality materials with some added spice.

And the best thing? Select your reach measurement to gain that perfect size and balance for your riding style, complete with full custom colours


Available in both 29inch (290) & 27.5inch (275) wheel specific. 275 is in development, not expected until late 2023.


Tough & Reliable; designed, manufactured and tested in the U.K....

Each Chilli dog frame is hand welded in the UK by a guy with a beard & dangerous haircut.... using the highest quality of UK sourced Reynolds Steel.

We use a tri blend of Reynolds 853, 631 and 525. Reynolds 853 DZB (Triple butted) TT & DT, matted to 631 & 525 tubes give the ultimate blend of strength, compliance and weight.

Because of its extremely high strength & air hardening capabilities, the tubing profile can be drawn with super thin walls, without compromising its integrity. The triple butt tubes allow us to run a tick wall at the tube ends, but reduce this in the centre by nearly 50%. This gives a super compliant ride, on a seriously tough frame.

All of the parts are UK sourced, including our individually CNC'd yoke, which is fabricated to an extremely high quality. Our yoke is engineered specifically to cater to the needs of the Chilli Dog, giving exceptional rear clearance, composure and power transfer.

The frames are coated by hand, including individual airbrushed decals, making each frame that extra special. The frames are then given their final party piece; the Radical Headbadge... Cast in pewter, by hand... by a bloke... in a shed...


Key Features:

  • Custom reach ranging from 445m to 505mm
  • Recommended travel: 150mm.
  • Travel range: 140-160mm.
  • Conservative measurements across the reach/length gives a balanced ride.
  • Uber low slung geometry gives ultimate cornering, stability and braking control.
  • Super steep seat tube angle for exceptional technical climbing ability and a shorter, more comfortable/natural seated position. 
  • Short, straight seat tube designed around the use of longer dropper posts to get slammed properly when s**t gets hairy.
  • Top tubes run across the same line on all sizes, offering leading standover clearance. Perfect for sizing flexibility and keeping the frame out of your way!
  • Tall stack, because its just better...
  • A slack head angle with a 140-160mm fork means the bike remains composed and slack, no matter the terrain.
  • Full Steel frame: Reynolds 853 DZB (Triple butted) TT & DT, matted to 631 & 525 tubes to give the ultimate blend of strength, compliance and weight.
  • Frame treated internally utilising Anti Corrosion formula, with routing grommets & BB drainage to give a better rust/corrosion protection.
  • 5 year warranty & lifetime crash replacement for the original owner.
  • Independently analysed to 4210-6 standards, above recommended travel.
  • Geometry: See product images
  • Sizing: See below



Manufacture specification/ Recommendations: What do I need?
  • Max front travel: 160mm
  • Max rear rotor size: 180mm
  • Seat Post: 31.6mmm internal routing only
  • Seat Post Clamp: 34.1mm (Buy here)
  • Bottom Bracket: standard 73mm threaded BSA/English
  • 44mm headtube. Tapered fork headset sizes: ZS44/28.6 top headset cup, EC44/40 lower headset cup. Purchase here.
  • Post mount required: IS rear '(Rotor size)
  • Rear Wheel spacing: Boost (148mm x 12mm)
  • Chain guide devices: To suit ISCG05
  • Front chain ring clearance: Max 34T 
  • Tire Clearance: We recommend max 2.5inch for best clearance, however the frame will allow a 2.6inch tyre on both 290 & 275 models
  • Frame Protection available here!




    Struggling with what reach to choose? Why not check out our sizing chart...

    The frames have short seat tubes with a very low standover, so sizing is very flexible and more centred around the length. We recommend the use of longer dropper posts and shorter stems (35-50mm) dependant on sizing. 


    This is our GUIDE and how we would recommend the sizing. This is certainly not a definitive recommendation, so riders should choose to how they prefer their bike!

    Are you on the lower end of a scale? Not a problem; thanks to the short seat tubes and lower standover this is not a problem.

    Sizing up, or on the shorter end of the scale? shorter dropper post/35mm stem

    Sizing down, or on the larger end of the scale? Longer dropper post/ 50mm stem.



    Seat post insertion depths 

    Short, straight seat tubes allow for most 200mm droppers to be fully inserted. See max seat post insertions;

    445 to 465mm Reach: 315mm

    475 to 485mm Reach: 330mm

    495 to 505mm Reach: 345mm


    As our frames are made to order, Radical All Mountain reserves the right to re-corporate any costs associate with cancelled orders, where manufacturing or coating has already taken place.

    Thanks to our reduced lead times and stocking of material, there are no costs associated to loss of revenue on material. This means you will have adequate time and updates to cancel an order before incurring cancellation costs compared to other brands!


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    Want help with a build, or is there something you are unsure on? Don't be afraid to speak to us, head over to the contact us page!

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